Company Profile

Kamatech borns from the collaboration of technicians with experience in the planning and production of springs machines.

It carries out activity of:

  • Advising
  • Planning and production of machines and special equipments for the wire working
  • Planning and production of automation system
  • Retrofitting of old machines as grinding machines, coiling machines and looping machines
  • Technical assistance
  • Electronic systems for automations

Kamatech proposes itself like a company characterized from a lot of flexibility in alternative to companies leader in the wire working field from a lot of years. Born with the activity of retrofitting and technical advising, push from the market requirements, a lot of project with innovative solution. To realize its product, Kamatech cooperate with company leader in the electronic and pneumatic field, with particular attention to the choice of the components, to their reliability and to the requirements of the customer.

The study, the planning, the development of new solutions and the assembly come carried out from specialistic and characterized staff.

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